Better B2B Sales & Marketing Messaging Starts Here

PitchMaps gives your company a simpler, more meaningful answer to the “What do you do?” question. Then, we map this core pitch to your sales conversations and marketing communications. It’s the route to higher win rates, less price pressure, and more alignment across your organization.

Why rethink the conver­sation?

86% of the value propositions salespeople present aren’t relevant enough to get the customer to take action.* Yikes.

*According to a study by CSO Insights

You have to get the words right

And it’s not only the words you use in sales conversations. You want a core pitch that maps to your marketing campaigns, online presence, collateral, emails, … everything. (Hey, that’s important, since 80-90% of marketing collateral is seen as useless by sales.*)

*According to The American Marketing Association

Here’s how we do it: We uncover your cause

We help you drive more revenue by uncovering your cause (your purpose / calling / “why”) – and aligning your sales and marketing conversations around that cause.

Step 1


Uncover your cause and develop your core pitch.

  • Executive Strategy Session
  • Competitor Message Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Cause & Core Pitch

Step 2


Map your pitch to spoken, written, and visual customer touchpoints.

  • 5-Point Pitch
  • 8-Second Quick Intro
  • Summary Paragraph
  • Intro Email / Prospect Letter
  • Whiteboard / Back-of-a-Napkin
  • Scripts, Stories, and Sayings

Step 3


Get your people and your practices on message.

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Enablement Materials
  • Marketing Recommendations
  • Internal & External Rollout Plan
  • Alignment Framework
  • Message Matrix

When you and your competitors are saying so many of the same things, it’s hard to tell you apart.

By reframing your messaging around your cause, we elevate the conversation from the solutions you offer … to the calling you serve. This naturally brings more authenticity and passion into your marketing messages. Your people get more excited about telling your story. And your customers and prospects have something more meaningful to remember you for. Sure, you still need to describe your solutions. But framing them inside your cause makes them more valuable. Competitors may copy your service offerings or technologies. But no one can can copy your cause.

“It’s not what you make (i.e., your products
and services), it’s what you stand for.”

— Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

Get the messaging right and you get: Higher win rates, Less price pressure, 3x as many deals closed

*Findings from a CSO Insights survey of companies with world-class Sales messaging

Q: Why PitchMaps?
A: The Creative Multiplier

You can’t win without creativity.
(It’s baked into our process and backed by our experience.)

Even in the B2B world, you’re still talking to a human.
While other firms focus on the process or formula for creating a brand message, we stress creativity. Why? Because at the end of the day, your B2B decision makers are still human. They still laugh and cry at all the same things that B2C consumers do. So you’ve got to go for the heart – otherwise you’ll end up just creating more noise in the marketplace.

Creative messaging can’t be written by committee.
Sure, collaborative sessions are part of the process. But that’s not where the magic happens. It happens when experienced creative professionals take your differentiators and develop unexpected new ways to describe them. This is the “art” part of the art and science equation. And for us, it’s built on many years of collective advertising and branding experience. Now, we’re bringing this level of creativity to B2B sales and marketing conversations.

About Us

PitchMaps was founded by a team of three messaging experts with 45+ years combined experience helping companies communicate their value more clearly. We work with Fortune 500s, high-growth mid-market companies, and others looking to increase market share, improve customer retention, enter new markets, or drive organizational change.

“We weren’t supposed to be doing this”

This whole thing got started back when we had a creative services agency. We were supposed to be focusing on websites, brochures, ad campaigns, and the like. But, before we could even think about their marketing communications, we kept finding ourselves helping clients wrangle their brand positioning and core message.

Companies found our messaging engagements so valuable that they started hiring us to do just that. They recommended us to their friends. The word spread. And the rest is history. Before we knew it, we were a new company – one focused entirely on sales and marketing messaging. (And one where all three founders happened to have the same last name.)

Ready to rethink the conversation you’re having with your market? Let us take a look at what you’re saying, and we’ll measure it against our best practices.

All you have to do is ask. 404-478-9840.